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♔ Charmed Indie RPG - Phoenix is a modified version of P. Halliwell; the half witch, half cupid daughter of Phoebe Halliwell and her husband Coop. She has her naive and kind days just as she has her manipulative and bitchy days. I am use to playing Elijah Mikaelson, so this is a big step up for me, but I’m sure i’ll manage.

♔ 6+ years of roleplay experience - i started out on facebook as an oc by the name of Zoey Jane Andras, and things escalated from there. I will be eighteen in six months and though I believe that I am mature enough to handle nsfw material, not many people are up for such things with a minor and that is completely respectable. I’ve been Phoenix four about six months now, and whilst I’ve been on tumblr with her for three (with many re-vamp days) I will try my hardest to make sure she isn’t a mary sue.

♔ AU/OC/Crossover Friendly - As P. Halliwell is only really mentioned in the comics and not much is known about her, my blog is mostly AU as it is, and I am more thanup for interacting with people with similar situations, ocs and crossovers!

♔ Multi-verse/Ship - I will rp and plot with any fandoms and I ship everything. Do not hesitate to message me with any plot ideas you may have!

♔ Multi Para/Icon/Gifs, etc - I am completely comfortable with writing however my partner feels. Rather that means long, or one liners, I am adaptable.

♔ Graphics - I’m shitty with them. I totally use picmonkey because this crappy laptop I have can’t download shit so anything I post, like the image above, is shitty so I apologize for hurting your eyes! Anything decent you will see will probably have been made by people whom I owe my very life.

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     Then I would question
           exactly why you are
            wasting my time.


♔  —-   I waste everyone’s time.
                not just yours.
              — but if you truly must know
                I’ve been contacted by that
                dull-as-dishwater doppelganger
                of mine that resides with your brother.




     You have five minutes
            —— which started, oh
            approximately three ago.

♔  —-   ❝ So pushy, Elijah.
— who says I have
                anything of importance to say?


Try to seduce my muse in 7 words or less.



⊰ ; ♕ ——    “I just need someone here
                     while I practice my Powers.”
                                                                “——Because , I don’t need something bad
                                                                             happening with no one around.”

♔  —-   ❝ Fine,
                I’ll stay, but if 
something happens
                to me, just know that
                i will haunt you.



Elena walked to the edge
of the Southern side of
New Orleans. She was
finally free from the
watchful eyes of the hounds.
Her feet landed right
at the line that parted
the South side and
the North side. She
was practically
a prisoner of
Klaus due to
her bloodline.
She was meeting someone from
the other side of
New Orleans.


♔  —-   Katherine wasn’t particularly sure why she’d agreed to meet her less than impressive doppelganger at the line that divided the North and the South, but somehow she had found herself compelled to meet Elena. For a few moments, she sat within her car, staring at the figure of Elena from afar. She still couldn’t believe there was another doppelganger. Rolling her eyes, she made her way over to the human.

This better be good 



"This is gonna feel awkward but I would have to agree with you."


♔  —-   You didn’t run from him for over five centuries,
But I suppose everyone is a tad safer here
                 rather than residing with him.

♔  —-   One thing I love about residing in the North?
                Free meals; and no psychotic hybrid to
                hide from. Life is good.

holyshit there is a fucking spider in my coffee pot 

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My Muse Forgot To Lock The Door And Yours Walks In On Mine In The Shower. How Does Yours React?